Turkesterone is a natural ingredient often used in bodybuilding and athletic performance supplements. This substance is extracted from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant. Turkesterone is considered a phyto-ingredient, which means that it is derived from plants and not from animal or synthetic sources.


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Turkesterone's action is to synthesise the protein by accelerating the translocation process. This allows better and faster construction of new tissue or enlargement of muscle tissue after mechanical stress, for example during bodybuilding training.

The potential benefits of turkesterone include increased muscle strength, improved athletic performance and reduced muscle fatigue, thanks to improved protein synthesis. Some studies have also suggested that turkesterone can help reduce recovery time after training, so improved recovery is particularly important for athletes and bodybuilders looking to maximise their muscle mass gain potential.

Is Turkesterone an Ecdysteroid?

Yes! Turkesterone is the most powerful ecdysteroid

What is an ecdysteroid?

An ecdysteroid is a steroid synthesised in insects during their moult and in some crustaceans. This substance is also present in certain plant products that we eat every day, such as spinach, quinoa and nuts.

Why is this product in high demand? 

  • Since the initial discovery of turkesterone, many studies have been conducted to explore its effects on athletic performance and muscle development. This ingredient became increasingly popular when youtubers like Derek from Moreplatesmoresdates or Andrew Huberman started talking about it. Since then, Turkesterone or Ecdysterone supplementation has become very popular with bodybuilders or athletes looking to exceed their performance.

  • Today, turkesterone is considered the ingredient of choice for bodybuilding and athletic performance supplements, and is widely used in products sold around the world. Although turkesterone remains a subject of active research, the studies available suggest that it is a safe and effective ingredient for people looking to improve their physical performance.

Watch out for quality!

As with any food supplement in high demand, there are many fake products and dubious companies offering very attractive prices with incoherent claims. Despite the respectful work of the DGCCRF against fraud, there are always companies that slip through the net.

With us, all our products are declared to the DGCCRF, so you can be sure you're getting what you pay for, with optimum quality.

In our Turkesterone and Ecdysterone, we add Hydroxypropyl-Cyclodextrin Complex to increase the absorption of Turkestrone.


In conclusion, Turkesterone is a natural ingredient widely used in bodybuilding and athletic performance supplements. With potential benefits for muscle strength, athletic performance and reduced muscle fatigue, Turkesterone may be a wise choice for athletes and bodybuilders looking to greatly improve their performance and muscle development.

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