Does a fat burner help you lose weight?

You've probably come across the term fat burners. But what exactly are they? They are food supplements that help lose weight. Can you really get abs with a fat burner? We'll look at this in more detail. 

What is a fat burner?

This contributes to your fat loss goals. Factors such as your food intake and calorie expenditure should be given priority.

Types of fat burners

There are three main types: thermogenic and lipotropic drugs and appetite suppressants.

  • The thermogenic raise your body temperature slightly. This can speed up your basal metabolismThis is the number of calories you burn without doing anything on a daily basis. They often contain compounds such as caffeine or green tea, which also have the property of waking you up.
  • The lipotropicsThey help to convert fat into energy. The L-Carnitine is a good example of this type of product.
  • The appetite suppressant aim to interact with your leptin and ghrelin hormones, regulating your appetite and reducing cravings.

How does it work?

To put it simply, these supplements try to create the ideal conditions for losing subcutaneous fatYou can do this either by mobilising fat cells or by burning more energy.

The balance of calories in and calories out is an undeniable factor in weight loss.

When should I take a fat burner?

  • When you reach a plateau in your weight loss
  • When your motivation wanes
  • When your body fat percentage is already low and you're looking for a boost
  • When your energy level is low, which prevents you from being more active.

When to take fat burner

It's essential to consume our FAT BURNER before any physical activity, preferably in the morning or early afternoon, as late consumption could disrupt your sleep.


Not all fat burners are created equal 

Unfortunately, few brands use the right ingredients in the right dosages, which makes the complementary products ineffective. To compensate for the low quality of their product, they add an excessive amount of caffeine. Although this may increase your energy levels, paying for a fat burner to get only caffeine is both expensive and potentially dangerous.
It's because of the wrong brand/product that the burner has a bad reputation. 

Who is our fat burner designed for?

  • For people who have already changed their eating and exercise habits.
  • People who have lost weight but can't lose any more.
  • Professionals who aim to have a very low body fat percentage (competition)
  • People who want to speed up the process of losing body fat 

A scientific look

We have scoured hundreds of scientific studies to develop the formula for our "FAT BURNER".

Our fat burner is therefore based on 43 scientific studies which prove the effectiveness of the ingredients used in our product

Our product : Fat Burner DIX

Our innovative FAT BURNER is a game-changer in your quest for slimming.

Developed from 9 carefully selected active ingredients backed by 43 scientific studies, 'DIX' is the ideal partner to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Thanks to its exclusive, highly concentrated recipe, our fat burner allows you to Boost your metabolism, limit your desire to nibble and encourage your body to mobilise and use subcutaneous fat.

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Science at your fingertips

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