The benefits of glycerol

Glycerol is much more than just a moisturiser. Find out how it can improve your physical performance and contribute to your overall well-being!

Cellular Hydration

 Glycerol plays an essential role in water retention, promoting cellular hydration. This property is particularly advantageous for athletes engaged in intensive physical activities that require optimal water balance.

Improving physical performance:

By maintaining adequate hydration, glycerol helps prevent dehydration during exercise, which has a positive impact on overall physical performance. It also helps maintain body temperature, cardiac function and muscular capacity.

Reduced thermoregulation

Glycerol helps reduce the effects of heat during exercise by improving the body's ability to regulate temperature. This is particularly useful in hot environmental conditions.

Increase in plasma volume

Glycerol can expand plasma volume, improving blood circulation. This offers significant benefits in terms of transporting nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

Reduction of Oxidative Stress

Studies suggest that glycerol has antioxidant properties, helping to reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress and thus contributing to cell protection.

Glycerol and Osmolarity

When you consume a large amount of water, your body goes into an osmolar state, prompting the kidneys to eliminate excess water. Glycerol acts as a powerful osmolyte, drawing water into your cells.

Osmolytes for Optimal Hydration: Osmolytes stimulate an osmotic gradient, promoting water retention and reducing urination. This hyper-hydrating property of glycerol means you can add up to a litre of extra water to your body.

Improved physical performance

Studies show that glycerol significantly increases physical performance by 24 %. Its role in maintaining muscle hydration contributes to increased endurance and faster recovery.

Muscle pumping and rapid recovery

 Well-hydrated cells are essential for endurance and contribute to the gratifying sensation of muscle pump. What's more, glycerol speeds up post-workout recovery.

The Importance of Adequate Hydration

 Maintaining adequate hydration is critical for optimum performance. Even a slight fluid loss of 2 % can lead to a significant decrease of 20 % in physical performance.

Try our Pre-Workout DIX with Glycerol

Incorporate our DIX pre-workout into your routine for optimised performance. Carefully formulated and enriched with glycerol, it offers a complete solution for maximising your training. Glycerol molecules, once in the blood, act like sponges by retaining water, creating a phenomenon of cellular volumisation which can temporarily improve your performance, especially in hot weather.

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