• Increased protein synthesis 
  • Increase in the density and number of muscle fibres
  • Allows better adaptation to metabolic stress






Why choose Turkesterone from DIX?

As with all our products, we select raw materials of impeccable quality. Our Turkesterone is distinguished by its superior quality, achieved through state-of-the-art extraction and filtration. As pioneers in the field, we are proud to offer you a standardised level of 25 %, while preserving the optimum quality of its active components.

Optimum absorption

Clinical studies show that the combination of Hydroxypropyl-Cyclodextrin Complex and black pepper extract can double the absorption capacity of the supplement. As well as having high-quality Turkesterone, you maximise its absorption. So you're a double winner. And don't forget that you get 700 mg per capsule!


You train hard every day, so it is essential to recover and rebuild your muscle tissue quickly. Turkestrone will help you in this process.
An excellent choice for bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes looking to increase their strength levels and maximize their training potential.

Increase in muscle mass

Our Turkesterone acts to synthesise protein by accelerating translocation processes. This allows better and faster construction of new muscle tissue when there is metabolic stress caused during training. 


We are committed to the optimum quality of every product we develop.
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