The benefits of Shilajit

Le Shilajitused for centuries in traditional medicine, is renowned for its many health benefits. 

But what exactly are its effects on endurance, cognitive function, ageing and much more? 

Let's find out together how this natural resin can transform your daily well-being.

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What is Shilajit?

Le Shilajit is a natural resin found mainly in the Himalayan mountains. This black, sticky substance, often compared to tar, is formed from the slow decomposition of plants over several centuries. Mountain dwellers discovered its virtues thousands of years ago.

Sa trace element composition is rich and complex. It mainly contains fulvic acidsknown for their powerful antioxidant properties. These acids help to transport nutrients to the cells, making them easier to absorb. Shilajit is also rich in mineralsIt also contains a number of minerals, such as iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium, which are essential for the body to function properly. It also contains antioxidants which protect cells against damage caused by free radicals.

Historically, Shilajit has been a cornerstone of the traditional ayurvedic medicine. Used for thousands of years, it is often nicknamed the "conqueror of the mountains" and the "destroyer of weakness". Ayurvedic practitioners use it to improve vitality, boost immunity and promote longevity. Its applications are varied, ranging from increasing energy to improving memory and concentration.

What are the benefits of Shilajit on physical performance?

Le Shilajit is recognised for its beneficial effects on muscle mass, on theendurance and the reduced fatiguesupported by various scientific studies. Studies suggest that it preserves and improves muscle mass, even influencing genetic markers of hypertrophy. One noteworthy study showed that mice subjected to intense swimming exercise and treated with Shilajit showed a significant improvement in their energy status. The concentration of ATP, essential for cellular energy, increased, thereby reducing muscle fatigue.

Shilajit's main mechanism of action is based on improving the production ofcellular energy. This natural resin stimulates the function of mitochondria, the 'energy powerhouses' of cells, thereby increasing the ATP cycle. This enables muscles to better resist fatigue and maintain a high level of performance during prolonged periods of intense exercise.

Compared with other sports supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Shilajit is just as effective, if not more so, in terms of improving energy parameters. One study revealed that supplementation with Shilajit, alone or combined with CoQ10, restored ATP levels and improved other energy indices in a similar way to CoQ10 alone. What sets Shilajit apart is its lack of noticeable side effects and its ability to act as a powerful antioxidantThis protects muscle cells from oxidative damage caused by intense exercise.

The benefits of Shilajit on cognitive function and stress management?

Le Shilajit has shown promising effects on cognitive function and the stress managementThis is borne out by a number of studies and empirical observations. In terms of improving memory and concentrationResearch has shown that Shilajit's bioactive components, such as fulvic acids and antioxidants, can stimulate ATP production in the brain, thereby improving cognitive performance.

In cognitive terms, Shilajit activates glycine and GABA receptors, potentially improving cognition.
Clinical studies have reported that people taking Shilajit experienced an improvement in their memory and ability to concentrate.

La stress reduction and theanxiety is another key benefit of Shilajit. It works primarily by modulating levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Studies have shown that taking Shilajit regularly can help maintain more stable cortisol levels, thereby reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. This hormonal modulation makes it easier to deal with stressful situations, promoting a state of calm and relaxation.

Clinical studies have supported these benefits. For example, research has indicated that subjects taking Shilajit reported a significant decrease in perceived stress levels and improved anxiety management compared to a placebo group. These results are supported by empirical observations from practitioners of traditional medicine who have been using Shilajit for centuries for its adaptogenic properties.

What are the anti-ageing and antioxidant effects of Shilajit?

Le Shilajit has antioxidant properties This is largely due to its composition, which is rich in fulvic acids and minerals. These components help to neutralise free radicals, unstable molecules that can cause cell damage and accelerate the ageing process. Shilajit's antioxidants protect the cells, helping to maintain the skin's natural balance. preserving cellular health.

Research shows that Shilajit can also play a role in slowing down the ageing process. By supporting cell regeneration and improving skin health, it helps to maintain a youthful appearance and prevent the signs of premature ageing. For example, studies indicate that Shilajit can improve skin elasticity and hydration, promoting a firmer, smoother appearance.

Several scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of Shilajit. Research has shown that Shilajit supplementation improves the ATP cycle, which contributes to overall vitality in the body. What's more, its effects are comparable to those of popular antioxidant supplements such as CoQ10, but with fewer side effects.

How does Shilajit improve sexual health?

Le Shilajit has shown significant effects on libido and the fertility. Clinical studies have shown that Shilajit supplementation can increase levels of testosterone in men. One study showed a 20 % increase in total testosterone levels and a 19 % increase in free testosterone after 90 days of supplementation.

The underlying mechanisms include improved spermatogenesisthe process of sperm production. By increasing the production of antioxidants, Shilajit protects the reproductive cells against oxidative damage, which can improve sperm quality.

For men, it should be noted that Shilajit can increase testosterone levels and improve fertility in healthy men with healthy testosterone levels. Which is very promising.

Case studies have supported these findings. For example, research conducted on infertile men showed a significant improvement in sperm parameters, including sperm count, motility and morphology, after a course of Shilajit. These results suggest that Shilajit can be an effective supplement for those seeking to improve their fertility.

Testimonials reinforce these observations. Many users report an increase in libido and improved sexual performance after incorporating Shilajit into their daily routine.

How does Shilajit support the immune system and detoxification?

Le Shilajit is known for his role in boosting the immune system. It stimulates immune cells and improves immune response the body as a whole. Shilajit's bioactive components, such as fulvic acids and antioxidants, help to increase the activity of macrophages, essential cells in the body's defence against infection.

In addition to its immunostimulant properties, Shilajit has powerful detoxifying properties. It helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body and supports the liver functionShilajit helps to promote better overall health. By helping the liver to function optimally, Shilajit helps to purify the blood and reduce oxidative stress.

Clinical studies and anecdotal evidence support these benefits. For example, research has shown that Shilajit supplementation increases immune cell production and improves the body's response to pathogens. Many users also report an improvement in their general condition and a feeling of lightness after using Shilajit, attributing this to its detoxifying effects.

How is Shilajit used and how is it taken?

Le Shilajit is available in various forms: capsules, powder and pure resin. Each of these forms offers specific benefits depending on your preferences and lifestyle.

For the recommended dosageThe dosage varies according to the form chosen and individual needs. In general, it is advisable to take around 300 to 500 mg of Shilajit per day. However, it is important to start with a lower dose to assess tolerance and increase gradually. (It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplements, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions).

For a optimum usefollow these tips:

  • Take Shilajit in the morning or before exercise to maximise its energising effects.
  • If you are using pure resin, dissolve a small amount in hot water or milk/tea/coffee.
  • Maintain good hydration to help detoxification.
shilajit resin

Our Shilajit in capsule and resin

Our products Shilajit is of exceptional quality, designed to bring you the many benefits of this natural resin, straight from the Himalayan mountains.

Our shilajit comes exclusively from the Himalayan mountains and is harvested at high altitudes, far from human pollution.

What's more, it is rigorously controlled and tested against possible contamination such as mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbiological contamination and other compounds harmful to health.

Naturally rich in fulvic acid 50 %  and humic acid 12 %Our Shilajit helps to naturally increase testosterone production, supports mental and cognitive function, and improves muscle recovery as well as bone and joint health.

Take one capsule a day with a large glass of water, preferably in the morning. This dosage maximises the energetic and detoxifying effects of Shilajit, while strengthening your immune system.

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